Dream Coast with Weaving Mill


By and by our time here comes to an end, thoughts wandering to the

northern coast – our next stop.

However, we learned about a weaving mill and consequently set out

to Ardalanish.



Sheep are our guides...

Quite a distance to the letter box...

No doubt – this is the way to the weaving mill.

First of all however down to the beach – another of these dream beaches.

Looks more dangerous than it is...

The whole beach to ourselves.

It’s rather warm and we are glad to get into the cool building.

Machines all over the place...

Interesting to see how tweed is produced.

I’d like to have taken along a sheep skin for a friend but the wool...

…comes off the Hebrides as the young woman explains to us.

She shows us all the machines which as matter of fact are still in use.

Martina listens to any number of explanations while I am paying a visit to the tea room.

At last: the coffee is ready!

There’s also a small shop – and quantities of cloth.

Then we set out to return home.