The name of the Ulriken originated in the Oldnorwegian word Alrek, meaning "the one taking up space". 

The Ulriken is also known from the Bergen town anthem. Officially it is called "A Song to Bergen" but has the subtitle "Views from the Ulriken". After the first line "I took my freshly tuned zither" the vernacular name also is "The Feshly Tuned". 

The song was composed by bishop Johan Nordahl Brun in 1791 on the occasion of some ceremonial meeting. It is not known if Brun ever has been on the Ulriken.

After the long shuffling in the port quarter of Bergen we are not especially keen on a hiking tour to the Ulriken. 

Ulriken Paradis offers a coach tour to the Ulriken including cable car. 77 € for two persons is acceptable as we are taken right to the door.

We arrive after a few minutes, the rest of the way is peanuts for us. 

We enter the cable car cabin. There are only 8-10 people except us who wish to reach the dizzy heights.

And so we start!

Slowly the car sets moving. Of course we might have made it by a walk, the hiking path is marked as "Ulriken opp". Next time perhaps.

To the right the Sherpa-staircase can be seen which has been built by true Sherpas for the stairs-mad Norwegians.

We however prefer to hover softly through the air. Bergen is benath us, the weather plays along, our car has been replaced last year. 

So what should happen?


Behind us a giant radio tower, beside it a restaurant. We assume that visiting it would ruin us and instead enjoy the free view to Bergen.

Now and then we see ships leaving or arriving in Bergen.

Actually we see the ship to take us home in a few days. 

Our 4-weeks-holiday today literally reaches its highlight.

We can even see our cottage in Minden from here.

The other side offers a spectacular view. From here you can hike from the Ulriken to the Fløyen over the Vidden Pleateau - in case you like to walk across rock and debris for 5 hours.

5 minutes back with the cable car and a last stroll through Bergen.

Passing a hospital area we meet a mill and guess that is only is here for the pretty sight.

The way back was longer than expected. We pack our suitcases, relax a little and prepare the backpack for the next day.

Just the weather to leave Norway. Another rainy day makes farewells easier. We are at the ship early but everything has to be sorted out here first.

We are already in our cabin but cars without end are still waiting.

One last glance at the Ulriken which seems to wave farewell to us with its mighty tower.

Not far from it is the Floi-Bahnen, not that high, only 320 meters. Also this tour takes a few minutes only at the same price as the Ulriken.


With very little delay the ship starts, Bergen disappears in grey. We pass the beautiful Norwegian coast to Stavanger, then to Hirtshals.

We rush on to Stavanger while the ship is fuelled. I'm lying there wondering where our next journey will take us. Scotland? About time. Or the Lofoten - or a trip to Iceland. Some report will follow.

The weather is clearing up when we pass the last mounds of Norway. We remember the snow on the plateau with some nostalgia.

During dinner we still look out to the flattening mountains annoucing the farewell from this beautiful country.

See you again some day, Norway!