Early in the morning we set out. The valley stretches over 40 kilometres length.  Utladalen is the deepest valley of Norway and in the region of the Årdal community. A parking lot is at the end of the road.

Here starts the 13 km walk, described as 'easy'. Never trust route descriptions of the Norwegians. The categories are green, blue, and red. 

It would not be wise to choose a blue route (moderately difficult). Describing the green route as easy is a clear understatement.

The first waterfall is already spectacular. We are well showered, he water of the 200 metres long fall splashing that far before it dashes onto the ground, producing a fountain.

Along a steep path and we are still in good spirits.

Meeting bridges, sometimes crossing them but mostly it's uphill. Our breaks between hikes follow in shorter distance. 

Water wherever you look. Then we reach a really beautiful spot. The path there is darned rocky and I treat myself with a strain.

But the place invites to a rest. The water is turquoise coloured, indicating chalk deposits in the mountains. We can well imagine that this spot is called 'the blue lagoon'. The water seems to flow down from a cave.

This lake lures you to swim, we are wondering whether we have seen this spot in some movie.

On we go, uphill still. The feet are hurting and that strain hinders me to mount the next height. So I decide that we have our fill of waterfalls and we walk back the 8 kilometres.

Downhill simply is more relaxed.

It's always worthwhile to make a detour to the small places. Frequently old but well preserved.



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