Grey weather with a drizzle. Just the day for visiting a church. The distance to Borgund is not löng and soon we are standing in front of an impressive old stave church. The one in Borgund is the best preserved stave church of Norway.

We pass a small place named Husum and are a bit suprised as usually Husum is a town in Northern Germany. This is a tiny village with however two most beautiful houses.

We do not take the branch-off to the 'Historic Road' as we have scheduled it for later.

Norway can boast of more than 1,000 stave churches, only 28 of them being in good shape. The stave church of Borgund (Norwegian: Borgund stavkyrkje) ranks as the best preserved. 

This church was built in about 1180 and consecrated to the Apostle Andrew.

There are various types of stave churches but they have one thing in common: the corner pillars (staves) and a woodwork frame with wall boards resting on sole plates. Such walls are also called stave walls - therefor stave church.

Next to the Borgund stave church you will find the Visitors' Centre with a good exhibition about stave churches and their role in medieval religious life. It also holds an exhibition of unique Viking finds with objects of the 9th century.

As the stave churches have been built in the interim time from paganisms to Christendom, many heathen elements can be found in them.

After so much culture we retreat to the Information Centre to inhale tea and coffee...

Close to the stave church a second church is in reconstruction but it's a church of a more recent date.

Not far from here is the old historic road for us.

Roads in Norway are well kept in general but this historic road is not. But it suits the weather, still drizzling and no sun to be seen.

Along rushing waters we state a yellow hazard light at our dashboard blinking. Guessing that it might be oil and having a bottle in reserve, we postpone the oil change to our return.

Fortunately this road holds little traffic and we need not concern ourselves with that.

What an inviting bridge. Closed from this side - what a pity. Well, today the water would be too cold anyway...

From the other side we get a better view. Sometimes these smart waterfalls just have to be outwitted.

Another one is presented in full beauty. The noise of the waterfall is deafening.

It's wet here and I want to have snow! Utladalen as next place sounds interesting and my snow has yet to wait.

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