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Singing Sands



Short before Kentra just turn to the left to a wee parking place.

Last time we have been here there was no sign warning of 'Unexploded Munitions'.

Starting Kentra Bay its going to be a walk for about 5-6 Kilometers to the 'Singing Sands'.

Strommast Bridge

The old stonebridge has been replaced by a new, unsteadily wood footbridge.

Partly the sinister forrest looks like a real magic forrest.



The roots of these fallen trees are about 3 meters square.

After this nice walk we finally reach the 'Singing Sands' of Gortenfern.



The beach looks really inviting.

However, the 'Singing Sands' seem to be very tongue-tired today, no sound is to be heard, even a strong wind is blowing.

A heavy shower is coming down. We hide ourselves between in a rock wren.

Soon as the showers quit we start a genuine exploration.



The beach is covered with jelly fish, some of these 'Lion's Mane Jellyfish' with a diameter of 30 centimeters.

Just as the rains has gone and sun comes out, we face the appearance ot many tourists accompanied by a troop of barking dogs.

This beach is not recommended for children.


Rum Egg

Ardnamurchan, Eigg und Rum are in a remote distance.

An old floating-mine, a caliber of One Meter...



The rocks close to the beach are covered with shells.

On our way back home we have learned, that a pleasant walk to a destination often is more interesting that the destination itself.