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The Isle of Uist falls into South Uist and North Uist. Both are connected by causeways.


Rather 'flat' it is and few roads of course.

Crossing one of the causeways we get from island to island.


In Baleshare we spend the night, enjoying the quiet and loneliness.

Peg the Collie is always on the spot if there is a chance for ballgames.

Bagh Alluin

This boundlessness is typical for South Uist - an impression of a quiet evening:

B&B Bagh Alluin

Another unsuccessful trial to see otters at Loch Eport.

Loch Eport

On the other hand it's like a perfect dream - and lonely.

Loch Eport

Somewhere in the distance a vast beach can be made out...

Beach in a Distance

A dream-beach indeed, spreading in front of us when we reach it after a few miles' walk:


A bit chilly - otherwise we should take a swim.


Now and then the scenery gets rolling and varied - a restored old fishing lodge...


A castle in a loch, difficult to reach...


A few skulls of big and small whales...


Old grave stones, unreadable due to the moss...


On we go northwards...


passing beautiful, lonely lochs...


Reaching Berneray in the north of Uist.


The small fishing port of Berneray...

Berneray Harbour

The name of this place is somehow... unpronouncable. The Isle of Pabbay in the distance.

The ship taking us from Uist to Lewis, the next Hebrides island, is waiting for us already.


The sign in the small waiting hall is most soothing. Clearly no ferries get lost here...


Docking off to Leverburgh on the next islands: Harris and Lewis

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