What are the 'Brexit' consequences for Scotland holidays? 


At the very first nothing will change as long as the English Government has not submitted any application at Brussels. As Mr. Cameron is shilly-shallying and abdicates his responsibility by resignation, the English Government is playing for time.


So let's assume that one day Great Britain is no longer an EU-member and we want to go to Scotland. Let's further assume that Scotland is not successful in trying to get rid of London by referendum and stay with the EU.


For Scotland fans like us this will mean:



- travel costs (ferry, plane) will increase

- roaming fees are not adapted to EU-standard and will increase as well

- due to the equally more expensive trips abroad the English will stay on the island and invade Scotland

- customs clearance has always been slow in England and perhaps will be the more so

- in all prices will increase on the island because with the No to EU customs and other transition levies are possible again



- ID card was always required as England never joined the Schengen-Treaty. It is hardly to be expected that visa are required



- as the currency together with the British economy will decline, the exchange rate will be favourable for us - thus at least partly making up the increased prices

 Racism and animosity towards foreigners dramatically increased after the Brexit, primarily in England. For this reason we will not visit Great Britain for the time being.