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The Stone Circle of Glengorm


Not far from Tobermory you find a wee paradise.

 On the road again

First however the road gets narrower and narrower. Cycle Trail is written here...

 Kilchoan hinter Bloody Bay

Passing Bloody Bay, we are travelling a heavenly landscape until we reach a park.

 Wrack bei Salen

Scotland-buffaloes bar the path, then we are there.

 Glengorm Castle voraus

Glengorm Castle, beautifully situated at the Sound of Mull. Ardnamurchan in the background, the most western point of the Scottish mainland.

A park and a small coffee shop - time for a rest...

...enjoying tea, coffee, and cakes.

 Glengorm Castle

A stately castle, offering B&B at hefty prices.

On we go, passing the castle. We the reach a scenery....

 Ardnamurcham in Hintergrund

...right away like paradise.

 Glengorm Castle mit Fisch

A trail takes out towards our destination and never the saying has been as true as here:

 junges Hochlandrind

Here really the journey is its own reward. Including 'Charly', the young bull...

... or a sheep, apparently feeling right swell.


Highland Cattle taking a nap in the sun. In the background the Sound of Mull.

Here we are:

 standing stones

The Standing Stones of Glengorm.

 standing stones

3 well preserved rocks of about 2 meters height.

 Mommy Highland cattle glengorm

Everybody who is anybody peacefully resting and grazing.

 young Highland cattle glengorm

Visitors are a rarety. The animals are most trusting.

Nevertheless: Better keep a distance from the chief bull.

 Highland cattle glengorm

A cute hair cut...

Ardgour Bay 

Finally we leave the wee paradise.