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Nessie and the Highlander


its a trick only ;-)


On our way in northern direction we leave the A9 at the end of the Loch Ericht. On the A889 we meet Dalwhinnie with her small Destillery and turn onto the A86.

Further we go along the Loch Laggan, on the left side streaming rain whilst on the right the sun laughs.

Signs with the inscription 'Hidden dip' warn us, heather, birchs and jaws dancing around us.


The mountains range on all sides appear to us like an army of giants.

We see large sandy beaches and in between hidden Castles on the other riverside, until we reach Glen Spean.

Before Ferrit we see a dam, near Roybridge we appear to reach each moment the clouds.



At Spean Bridge we see the 3 mountains Ben Nevis, Scattered Choire Claurigh and Chno Dearg like giants appearing for a new seconds between the passing clouds.

An impressive spectacle, even the children are quit for a moment. We then turn to the right onto the A82 to Invergary, passing Loch Lochy.


The street meanders through a fantastic primeval landscape, deeply flying clouds and high mountains accompany us.

It is oppressing breathtakingly wild at the same time.

We reach Laggan - here a youth hostel is - and have a break in Invergary. We have scones and shortbread, delicious.


near Loch Lagganseven sisters


We now turn onto the A87, to our left Loch Gary lies. We are frightened about the many cleared forests in this area.

While it goes always more and more highly, we notice many young jaw closely Loch Loyne, which were planted recently new.

We now find a primeval landscape, accompanies by the Five Sisters, a high mountain range. Again and again very beautiful waterfalls are to be seen.



After Shiel Bridge the Loch Duich appears: an insane prospect of the lake, it follows a street, which is sprinkled through a gigantic rock.

Inverinate, a small city, which consists only of some new houses does not fit into the general pattern. Here there is Bed & Breakfast enough.

We reach the first destination, Eilean Donan Castle, one the locations of the film 'Highlander".




We are disappointed somewhat, for the castle looks too accurate. A family-card costs here about 9,50 Pds. We save the money for the Nessie-Exhibition and turn back onto the A87.

After all the rain during the last hours suddenly the sun ist there again. Almost we regret it, for thereby the landscape loses something from her melancholy of eternity.


As the sun throws her radiation on the mountains, however the contrasts within the landscape gets real in a fascinating way.
We feel like being in an other world. At the end the Loch Cluanie, shortly behind the dam, we turn to the left at the A887.

At Glen Moriston the landscape gets flat again, beside us we see a river destined to the Loch Ness.




In between it goes on a lovely Single Track. Lovely because one knows never, how big and how fast an accommodating vehicle is.

The noise of an back-mirror which crashes is not very nice. By the way, as I can confirm from own experience.

After Tomcrascy the street gets bigger through birchs and fir forests through we reach Invermoriston, an easy turn to the left and are we at the Loch Ness.



It lasts no 20 minutes and we have reached Drumnadrochit and pay a nice amount of 14,95 Pds for a familycard.

However, the show has improved since our last visit 14 years ago. There are meanwhile polyglot films.

One enters one cave after another and moves from room to room while listening to different audio information.



Nessie is still aliveThe Final Cut - End of the Journey


At streaming rain we reach Urquhard Castle and see something fantastic.

A perfect rainbow stretches itself from the left side behind the old yard over to it argue. Urquhard Castle is completely surrounded by a rainbow.

We see a second rainbow, which closes around the first.


This is again such a specific moment, even our children are calm. Deeply impressed we take the way back home, as suddenly the sun laughs at the sky. It is true, each valley in Scotland has his own weather. We move on through the picturesque Fort Augustus and cross the Caledonian Canel further to the Loch Lochy.




Individual pieces of clounds hover only few hundred meters above our heads through the landscape, as we drive home into the evening sun in.