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Bens and Glens - Schiehallion-Road and Loch Tay


We start at the cemetery of Kinloch Rannoch heading sourth-west.

Soon a sign points out, that this distance is nothing for heavy cars. Correct, as we notice later on. We pass the Dunalastair Water in a sputhern distance.

A dreamy landscape indeed, filled with sheeps.



To the right the Schiehallion raises up into the sky, while the sun laughs in the sky.

The narrow street meanders up through a various landscape filled with heather. Loch Kinardochy appears now on the left in front of us.

We see numerous fishing people. Shortly before White Bridge we are on the old general Wades Military Road, which we leave at Keltneyburn and turn left.



First of all we drive through a forest, suddenly the landscape looks like in Bavaria to us, until we reach Fortingall and find to our surprise several houses with thatched roofs.

On the left an old stonewall limits the way, to the right it is going deeply downward, only the River Lyon accompanies us.

Behind Fortingale we turn to the right side of the river. We pass Ruined Stone Bridge with his mighty waterfall.




Somewhere here Carnbane Castle should be, but that is so small, that we do not find it.

Via Invervar the road leads us through a timeless valley, people say its the most beautiful glen of Scotland. We are passing bridges, under them the White Waters flow. High mountain, one after another, then we reach Bridge of Balgie and turn left and much to our surprise we see: two llamas!



Constantly sheep bustle on the narrow street, wild water roars at us desperately, we see a whole flock Highland-cattle in the valley, on the left roars romantically a waterfall, on the right are noisy stairways of water.

A perfect glen!


The further way is very narrow and winding, To out right hand it leads about hundred meters deeply downward, so that we are afraid of each car approching us from the front.

Wild moor, then we reach a dam and find the Ben Lawers Visitor Centre. Here is an exibition of the flora of the entire landscape. Steeply the street leads now down to the Loch Tay, a wonderful view.


Along the A827 the road leads through Lawers and Fearnan along the Loch Tay.

Many sailingboats and motorboats are to be seen. After we have entered the Tay Forrest park, we see Kenmore, with a golfplace, a tennis court and a traffic-light and, however, Taymouth Castle.

Further we drive to Aberfeldy, a pretty and

interesting town.


We find a curios, old watermill for sale, however we are too short on money, therefore we drive back crossing the famous bridge of Aberfeldy heading the B846. The streets leads us through a boring landscape passing the modern Castle Menzies. We decide to make a side-trip to Tummel Bridge. The road leads through fields and forests, short way before Glengoulandi the solitude and the beautiful wilderness is back again. The old Militaryroad goes down at a 7 % descent back to Loch Kinardlochy.
After a Powerstation we are in Tummel Bridge and we proceed again on the way home.