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Chapter 33

Milord’s Breakfast

“McClown, could you spare a roll?” the hungry lord begged and goggled at the rich breakfast.
“Sorry, Sir, the rolls are limited. Miss McGyre certainly will be back in a moment.”

Indeed the young woman entered the room this very moment, carrying a laden tray. However, she stumbled over the edge of the carpet and His Lordship’s breakfast was distributed on the floor.

“Oh, how clumsy of me!” She looked at McClown, embarrassed. “Do you have everything you need, Sir Frido? Do you wish for anything else?”
“If you had some more coffee…”
“In a minute, Sir Frido”, she replied and gave him her most beautiful smile. “And your breakfast, too, Mr. Shredder.”

She picked up the tray, collected everything and left the room under the hungry eyes of milord.

“May I have a bite from your roll, dear McClown?” the starving lord begged anew. “One tiny bite only!”
“Be patient, Sir, the young lady does her utmost.”
“I’m afraid so”, came the grudging answer.

Heralding herself by rumbling and clattering, the aforesaid young lady came in and brought coffee for the butler.

“Enjoy your meal, Sir Frido. How about some dessert?”
“Is there some ice cream perhaps, Miss Liza?”
“Certainly, Sir Frido. Vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate?”
“Later perhaps, Miss Liza.”

“Ehem - my breakfast…”
“In a minute, Mr. Shredder”, Liza McGyre replied and hurried out with the tray. Some clattering announced her arrival in the passage.
“McClown, the crumbs on your plate…”
“No, Sir, they are for the hamsters. And take your hands off the flower, it’s not for eating.”

Renewed clanking, accompanied by a curse, and suddenly milord nourished new hope. This time she entered the room carefully, elegantly avoided the door handle but her apron-string caught in the handle. Again the breakfast tray crashed to the floor and McShredder shrieked. Then there was a leaden silence in the room. But finally His Lordship dived down to the breakfast on the floor with a coarse cry and stuffed himself greedily. The few guests glared at the events with big eyes - it was most embarrassing. Miss McGyre needed a while to compose herself.

“Mr. Shredder, what are you doing there?”
“Breakfasting”, milord mumbled with his mouth full and stuffed himself with some porridge. He raised his head for a moment, saw that everybody was goggling at him and added: “Delicious. Anybody want to try some?”
“No, thank you, Sir. If you don’t mind, I will take care of - er - the suitcase.”

The butler took milord’s grunt as an affirmative and walked down the passage. The young woman followed him.

“Sir Frido, are you staying with us for a while?”
“No, Miss Liza, I’m sorry. We are quite late and a long way to Killichonan Castle is ahead of us.”
“What a pity, Sir Frido. Perhaps we will meet again some time”, she smiled, turned and banged her head at the doorpost. Then she hurried up the staircase and her rumbling and shrieking told the butler when she was upstairs. Completely lost in thoughts he was standing in the passage and did not notice that by now McShredder was at his side.

“Ready to go, McClown?”
“Sir, may we not stay here for a few days?”
“McClown, wake up! No more than 20 miles from home - we are almost there!”

“But Sir…”
“No but Sir, McClown, do come now!” When the butler still did not move to fetch the suitcase with their few belongings, Lord McShredder whispered into his ear: “20 miles, McClown. That’s nothing for a whippersnapper like you. If I give you a day off…” With a jump the butler was in the room, fetched the trunk with the hamsters and was back, beaming broadly at milord. “Sir, what are we waiting for?”