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Chapter 32

Kings House Hotel Part II

“Supper, young woman, what about supper?” Lord McShredder croaked when he had taken a look at the comfortable room.
“The kitchen unfortunately is closed, Mr. Shredder, I’m very sorry. Would you perhaps like a bag of chips?”
“Did you hear that, McClown? In every hotel of the world every cook would be glad to serve me in the middle of the night…”
“Don’t you have just a very little something for us, Miss Liza?” McClown asked and smiled at the young woman charmingly. “We have walked so far and my hamsters are almost starved…”

He bit his tongue and damned the words which had slipped out without thinking. How could he disclose the presence of the hamsters in the suitcase? He knew that hotels did not allow animals.

The young woman looked at him with big eyes and breathed: “Hamsters? How cute! Are they in your suitcase? Yes? I won’t tell. I always have something to eat for somebody who loves hamsters. How about haggis and fries?”
“That would be just great, Miss Liza. And if you can spare some biscuits for the hamsters…”


“Salmon with new potatoes for me”, His Lordship crowed, but Liza only looked at him in surprise.
“Sorry, Sir. There are only some fries for you. Haggis has been booked by Sir Frido”, she replied and ran down the stairs. When she rose from her fall at the last step, she turned round once more and said: “Supper in a few minutes in the dining room at the end of the passage!”

The two of them went back into their room and while the butler cautiously placed the hamster suitcase into a corner, milord got out his wallet and counted the money. Then they went to the end of the passage and found a big, long room with several small, round tables. Awed, they looked over to the giant window which would grant them a gorgeous view to the landscape in daytime. Rumbling and a cry of pain announced the arrival of the hotelier’s daughter. She rubbed her aching knee and brought the cutlery.

“Just a moment, Sir Frido, supper will be in a minute”, she whispered and was off again.

A few minutes later they heard some clinking and Lord McShredder who was playing with the salt cellars, raised his head and said: “Did you hear that, McClown? Didn’t it ring at the door?”

But the butler did not answer. He looked to the door expectantly. The young woman entered, panting, and smiled bashfully: “I’m sorry, Sir Frido, supper will take a moment still.” She turned, ran into the door post, smiled again into the butler’s direction and left. Frido McClown lifted his head and counted under his breath: “One, two, three, four, five.” Then he turned to the door. In the distance some rumbling was audible.

“She just reached the last step, Sir.”

Milord continued playing with the salt cellars, while Frido McClown listened to the growing noises of his stomach. These noises were now drowned by a clatter at the door. Miss McGyer entered the room.

“Your haggis, Sir Frido”, she announced with a broad smile, leaving behind her a trail of brown sauce which made a pattern on the floor. His Lordship received a bag of chips which he accepted dourly. “I’ll put the biscuits in front of your door, Sir Frido. Leave everything on the table if you’re finished, I’ll clear it away later on”, she smiled and went out.


"Eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf, sechs," zählte McClown mit vollem Mund. Er hob verwundert den Kopf.

“One, two, three, four five, six”, McClown counted, his mouth full. Then he lifted his head in surprise.
“Perhaps she caught at the door handle when she put the biscuits down at our door”, milord mumbled.
McClown sighed with relief when a moment later he heard the well known rumbling and cry of pain.
“She arrived downstairs, Sir”, he said and attended his supper again. He faked not noticing His Lordship’s hungry eyes and filled his belly.

Lord McShredder got up.

“I - er - will go off to sleep.”
“Just a minute, Sir”, the butler exclaimed and stuffed the last bite of haggis into his mouth. “I’d prefer to join you. Otherwise it’s possible that nothing will be left for the hamsters.”

As promised, a big bag of biscuits stood in front of their room. McClown took it and walked in behind milord. Lord McShredder did not bother with washing and suchlike but immediately went to bed comfortably. At least he put off his shoes, McClow thought, while he fed the hamsters. Greedily his little friends snatched the biscuits from him and ran back to their trunk. Now also the butler became very sleepy and he just wanted to go to bed when it knocked at the door. Surprised, he got up again, opened and Liza McGyer stood there, smiling and with big eyes.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you, dear Sir Frido. I hope you have not been sleeping already.”
“No, no, Miss Liza”, McClown mumbled. “What may I do for you?”
“Oh, I only wanted to ask what you would like to have for breakfast.”
“Baked beans with sausages”, he yawned.
“Very well, Sir Frido. Good night to you.”

McClown sat down on the inviting bed and looked at the white cloth which decorated the headbord. He just put off his left shoe when it knocked again. This time Liza McGyre wanted to know whether the butler preferred tea of coffee. She wished him good night again, he put off his right shoe, and once more she knocked at the door.

“Do you wish for anything else, Sir Frido?”

"Danke, Miss Lisa, einen Wunsch habe ich noch."

“Thanks, Miss Liza, I do indeed.”
“Yes?” she breathed and smiled.
“Let me sleep now, Miss Liza, I’m very tired.”
“All right, Sir Frido. Do just call me if you need anything.”

At long last the butler was allowed to sleep. Nothing disturbed him, neither milord’s snoring nor the gnawing noises of the hamsters. He had no idea how long he had been sleeping when it knocked again. Angrily he wanted to jump from his bed when he saw that the sun was already shining into the room.

“Who is it?” he called and at the same time realized that this was a silly question.

“It’s Liza, Sir Frido. Breakfast’s waiting for you. Would you like to come?”
“I’ll be in a moment, Miss Liza”, he shouted. Then he got up and kicked the sleeping lord’s bum, so that he almost fell out of the bed.
“Did Your Lordship sleep well?” he politely asked and waited until milord had crept out of the bed. “Sir, breakfast is waiting for us.”

With a jump McShredder was at the door and out of the room. McClown hurried after him and when he came into the passage he already saw Miss Liza standing by the table and waiting for them. His Lordship arrived first and sat down at the well-laid place which was decorated with a small vase and a flower in it.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Shredder, this is Mr. Frido’s place. You are sitting opposite.”

Grumpily milord stood up and sat down on the opposite chair while his butler sniffed the flower and enjoyed his breakfast. The young woman watched him with a smile.

“Ehem”, milord said. “Perhaps I also might get some breakfast…”
“Oh, certainly, Mr. Shredder, I’m sorry! Wait a minute, I’ll go to see if it is ready.”

She walked out, leaving behind a hungry and downcast lord.