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Chapter 14

The Singing Sands of Gortenfern

“That was an expensive dinner, my dear McClown”, His Lordship said and counted his money. “It certainly was not wrong to refrain from staying overnight with this McPhee. I don’t know what might have happened there.”

The butler did not answer but pushed the wheelchair along the bumpy road. He did not feel like talking, his belly was much too full for that. Marvellous, how a man could stuff himself in such a short space of time! And the hamsters! From one of the suitcases noises of their digestion sounded through the night. Now they all had to find a tolerable spot for the night - the beach it should be. So before they reached a grove, they turned left and down to the shore. They found a spot to their liking and arranged themselves as best as they could. As Gortenfern is situated deep in a bay they were quite safe from stormy weather.

“My dear McClown”, milord said and slowly turned to his butler, “it would not be a bad idea if your little, er, friends spend the night in some distance. We’d like to have a quiet night, wouldn’t we?”

McClown sighed and put down the hamster-trunk in a little distance. From another trunk he fetched some towels which were to serve as bed covers. For a long time he looked up to the stars, while milord was already snoring. Finally also he fell asleep.

“That can’t be true”, Flecki grumped. “Nothing on tonight? How do they think we can have a party here?”
“We might build a sandcastle and destroy it again”, Goldi proposed.
“The sand is much too fine here, you even cannot dig tunnels”, chief Botchy complaint.
“Perhaps the enlightened one has an idea?” Tuffy hopefully asked.

The mayor looked helpless. Why in the world should he have any idea? It was his job to hold speeches - not to have ideas. But to be addressed as an enlightened one did flatter him indeed.

“Well, it is an undenied fact that now and here and anyhow we are in a situation which asks for strategic action and decisiveness. These are the facts, dear hamster-friends! Only by a corporate individual initiative which not only should but has to - I repeat has to proceed not only from every single one a situation can be mastered in a way…”

The mayor interrupted his impressive speech. His hackles were up. The other hamsters had heard it, too. There was some sound. A sound which made their fur stand on the ends. The night was pitch dark and somewhere someone was singing. It was no merry song, it sounded consistent and doleful and seemed to come from all sides.

“Come on, do something, Mayor, act strategically”, Goldi shouted.

The mayor only goggled with big round eyes. Anxiously he blew up his cheeks and began to tremble.

“There!” Tuffy exclaimed. “He will be enlightened in a moment!”

Flecki just wanted to remark that probably he was just shitted when the mayor shouted:

“Cinap, safe yourselves!” Immediately all the hamsters started a carefully considered rescue operation which had stood to test in many dangers: the ran in circles and yelled. After half an hour of circling and yelling “Pleh!” they exhaustedly collapsed in the sand. The spooky singing had not stopped! The poor little animals were much too tired to run away and so they tried to burrow themselves in the sand. But this did not really work.

“Perhaps we should just surrender”, Dodo wailed.
“Or make a deal”, Flecki proposed. “Come on, Mayor, go and make a deal!”

By now the mayor was tinged green with fear when Goldi kicked him forward. There he was and his hamster-friends were most interested how the enlightened one was to master this situation.

“Er, wodget, er, widget, er, dear widget, we all know a sotulation, er, situation to be misted, er, mastered by thingumbob. What I mean is dingusdeal. If you see what my bean would say, er, I mean to repress, er, express.”

After this strong speech the mayor quickly turned round and hid behind the group of the hamsters.

“Wonderful, really touching”, Flecki sneered. “I’m certain we are quite safe now.”
“Perhaps the kind butler may help us?” Tuffy wondered and pointed at the sleeping Frido McClown. Her friends nodded delightedly. Certainly there was some room under the kind butler’s blanket for a few frightened little hamsters.

Shouting "Yarroh!"1 they ran to him.

1 (Hamstish: Horray)