Fløibanen - Panorama view over Bergen


Not far from Bryggen starts the Floibanen up to the nearly 400 m high Fløyberg.

Floybahn kommt

It only takes 8 minutes by the Fløibanen to see all of Bergen.

Floybahn aufwärts

848 m upward. With a speed of 6 m/s the gradient is between 15° to 26°.


It's early in the day and not many people on the huge platform.


Down there is the E39 which goes from Kristiansand up to Trondheim.

 Lille Lungegårdsvannet

That small lake in the centre of Bergen is the Lille Lungegårdsvannet.

 Bergen von Oben

Over there from the port of Bergen also the Hurtig Routes to Finnmark start.

Volkslied von Edvard Grieg

Who knows the song? Hint: Composed by Edward Grieg.


Quite a squeeze on the way back. Everyone wants the front.

Floybahn abwärts

And steeply back.

Floybahn nach Bergen

Well, if you are in the front seats of the Floibanen you have the greatest view of course.

Floybahn Gegenverkehr

There are two passing points. This one is called Fjellveien, the other one Promsgate.

There even is a station without exit, called Skansemyren, behind Promsgate.

We finish with a tunnel and then...

Gedränge bei der Floybahn

... see the crowd of late sleepers who are now waiting.


One last time to Bergen downtown to get supplies for our journey onward north.


nach oben