After we first branched off right on the northern road, we now go left and follow the A8383 taking us via Tongue and the Kyle of Tongue to Sandwood Bay and finally to idyllic Scourie.


At last - the Kyle of Tongue ahead of us - the Road to the Atlantic



We cross the Kyle of Tongue over a long bridge.



Passing this cute little house at the beginning of the bridge.


Along the churchyard - Castle Varrich in the foggy distance.

You better take the path to Loch Madden in dry weather...

Arrival at Skinnet - every change of weather offers a terrific change of the landscape.

Omnipotent: the Ben Loyal, together with Ben Hope the highest mountain of Sutherland.

Walking the beach does not depend on the weather.

Dunes, sand, clear water, and with a bit of luck you may see seals.

Freedom without limit!

Hidden bays...

... just like a dream!


Now we get to Talmine, a gem at the northwestern coast of Scotland.

We follow the narrow road to the left and get to the post office. This is Tommy's and you can get fruit, vegetables - and even SIM cards. 

In a cottage above we have a wonderful view at Rabbit Island. Certainly Margaret McKay, the charming owner, will arrange it to get there some day. We shall come again...

School and village hall, behind that is a steep slope to the beach.

There are two main roads, one along the beach, the other "higher up".

The old wreck has been lying here for ages.

In the background the "port" of Talmine.

Looking at the Atlantic Ocean across a tuft.

The best view you get from the old school...

...which also offers a number of events - like a Gaelic Evening.

This picture was taken in summer long after midnight...

...and this of course after rain.

Rabbit Island with its beach, further on Eilean Nan Ron can be made out.

Beach fun any time!

No sea cows - but common beach cows...

To Midfield via West-Strathan.



This side-path starts right behind Talmine.



Last year we started in the rain and had to return? Any idea, why?

We frighten some grouses and lizards and then reach West-Strathan.

Only the doggie in the window welcomes us, beyond that there's nothing but quiet and loneliness.

We leave the silent place.

In the distance the sea comes into view again. We are approaching Achinver.

Many things here have seen better days.

And another dream beach - Achinver Beach.



In the foreground of the beach an old mine from WW II can be seen.

We have to trespass, but after asking politely... elderly Scotsman allows us to pass his private ground.

All the beach to ourselves, how wild and lonely it is!

We leave Midfield and take our way back to Portvasgo, always down the coast and then left.


Past the port in northern direction - still along the coast...

... then this ramshackle is behind us.



Atlantic to the right and Torrincudigan somewhere to the left.

A bench in the middle of nowhere. Holding the nameplate of the donor.  

What a heather scenery - no man, no beast anywhere.

All the time we find these small, secret bays.

Ice Age relicts.

Beautiful in its ruggedness.

Nothing is for eternity...

We get to some well hidden port... this is Portvasgo.

And back home... About 4 kilometres to our cottage in Talmine.








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