Neist Point Lighthouse


Neist Point is a small peninsular with a lighthouse at the most western point of the island.

Once across Skye, off the jammed main road and the street works.

What a view for a start!

A salient with steep cliffs goes out to the sea, Neist Point Lighthouse.

Walking along the cliffs, we also can see the lighthouse, our next destination.

Mounting stairs...

I guess that we made about 300 steps. We can't help grinning that many visitors, mostly Japanese, turn when seeing this horribly long path and only take mobile shots of the lighthouse from the upper steps.

It is a little exhausting in the sun - but we're not here to laze about.

The lighthouse (height 19 metres) was put into service in 1909.

The unit is still used today...

...but the technique was automised in 1990 so that there is no need for permanent personnell. Today it is controlled by the Northern Lighthouse Board in Edinburgh.

Awesome view from the foghorn - I can see the Hebrides!

Except sheep there are any number of sea birds. With a bit of luck you also can watch seals, dolphins, and wales. Today only sheep and birds.

That cliffs looks like some giant having bitten off a piece...

A gorgeous view at the Atlantic Ocean. The Hebrides are on the right side.

Some natives here...

...and at a distance.

Just a few steps and we are back at the start.


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