Edinburgh -

Capital on Seven Mounds


When I visited this town for the first time, I did not like it at all.



Perhaps the reasons was that my thoughts already were deep in the Midlands and Highlands...




...or it simply was the wet, grey weather of the day. 



The capital of Scotland had no appeal for me.


In the years to follow however I came more than once to Edinburgh, this old town at the Firth of Forth.



First of all I came to visit my friend Neil and his family.

And then I more and more fell in love with the town.

And lots had been changed in the meantime.

Years ago the dirty fronts of the houses were sandblasted and the whole town got an 'endearing' look.

There is hardly any other town where you can walk for hours and discover something interesting all the time.

And sights there are anyway without number, be it Edinburgh Castle...

... or Princess Street with the adjoining big 'garden' which begins right behind St. John's Church.

All these shops and junk shops... 

...just walk on, there is no end of the shops.

Or take an old side road.

If the weather plays fair...

...he and she can shop here all day long.

Back to Grassmarket!

That's life!

Have you ever been to a 'Fringe'? Come and look...

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